"I am a consumer of goods and services.  I do not have a blog that I use to review products and services.  I occasionally use Twitter and Facebook to share my thoughts and ideas with my friends and family.  I am interested in attending “first look” events to learn about new products and services." Register Now.

Been There... Try This!

Wondering whose review to trust when in search of a new car, a cause to support, a great place to eat for date night, new music for your collection, or a new mascara? Bloggers are real people, just like you, who are constantly in search of the best of everything, and who are willing to share what they find out with their readers. Find out what someone with your interests, likes, and values thinks about a certain product or service.

Try, then Buy.

Have you ever wanted to try out a camera, software, phone, car, or other product before you bought it? What if you had a chance to tell a company about one little change that could be made in a good product to make it a great product?  Brands need, want, and value your input and feedback.  Register for a user experience event in your area.

Ideas, People, Products, and Causes to Love


Find bloggers, products, and ideas to love!

Browse our upcoming events for opportunities to learn more about brands and their products.  At Granted, we work hard to find opportunities for buyers to experience products hear from non-profits before they commit to purchasing a product or supporting a cause.  Click here to register for customer experience events in your area.