"I am a brand manager, marketer, or public relations representative for a product, service, personality, artist, etc.  I am looking for buyers and bloggers to engage with the brands I represent." Request a proposal or strategic assessment.

Your Social Media Strategists


Social media levels the playing field. For small companies, charities, and start-ups, social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are an affordable solution to reach potential customers.  Bloggers are a vital part of social media.  Individual influencers are brands in themselves, and often have the ability to reach more people than a company.


Today, consumers have more access to information about products, services, and causes than ever before.  Successful brands interact with consumers on a more personal level that simply advertising on television and radio.  Brands engage bloggers, influencers, and customers daily, and use social media for everything from contests to customer service.

Brands, how are you using social media to reach out to and interact with your customers?


Bloggers, are you sharing the latest information about brands with your readers?


Buyers, do you want to learn about new products, causes, and services?