"I am a brand manager, marketer, or public relations representative for a product, service, personality, artist, etc.  I am looking for buyers and bloggers to engage with the brands I represent." Request a proposal or strategic assessment.

"I write regularly (at least once per week) for a blog.  I write reviews as well as opinion pieces, and I am open to being compensated for my writing.  I am interested in opportunities to share my opinions on products and services with my readers." Register Now.

"I am a consumer of goods and services.  I do not have a blog that I use to review products and services.  I occasionally use Twitter and Facebook to share my thoughts and ideas with my friends and family.  I am interested in attending “first look” events to learn about new products and services." Register Now.

About Us

Who We Are:

Granted Media is a social media strategy company specializing in coordinating events that connect brands, bloggers, and buyers, creating mutually beneficial relationships.


What We Do:


We work with brand managers, event planners, public relations companies, and other social media companies to bring bloggers, influencers, potential customers, and partners to events showcasing products, services, personalities, and causes in order to promote awareness via social media channels.


Wishes. Opportunities. Access. Granted.


Wishes granted.

We all want to be better, smarter, faster, more connected.  At Granted, we wave our magic wand, and make it happen.  Well, sort of.  It seems like magic, but what we actually do is evaluate the needs of our clients, create a customized solution that meets those needs, and deliver results that exceed their expectations.  THEN we wave our magic wands, and poof - success!


Opportunities granted.

Where would we be without the opportunities granted us?  What we are entitled to will only get us so far.  To get beyond our rights and that to which we are entitled, we have to make connections, and be in the position to take advantage of opportunities.  Social media has made creating opportunities for others and acting on opportunities presented to us faster and more advantageous than ever.


Access granted.

Don't worry. You're already in.  Our clientele of brands, bloggers, and buyers are in the unique position of being able to "get in" where others cannot.  We provide our brand clients with access to bloggers who in turn provide access to buyers.  We provide our blogger clients with access to new readers, and the first look at new gadgets, restaurants, products, and services to share with them.  We provide buyer clients with the opportunity to share their opinions with brands, try before they buy, and get to know the brands they buy from on a deeper level.  Granted clients have made it past the velvet rope. You have the super secret password, the skeleton key, the retina scan was successful, Access... Granted.


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